Welcome to 'The November 14, 2017 Juarez Toy Movement'

What is The Juarez Toy Movement All About?

1,500 Smiling Faces in Juarez

Spin Master of Toronto, Canada and the Tecma Group of Companies of El Paso, Texas are gifting 1,500 valuable toys to the indigent school children of Juarez, Mexico.   Spin Master provides an annual worldwide gifting program for thousands of children.

Tijuana 2016 Toy Movement

The Toy Movement Program

Helping the indigent school children of Mexico, this time specifically Ciudad Juarez, is an American outreach that shows America's heart.   Learn more about the 'Juarez Toy Movement of 2017'

How You Could Participate

We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to donate 3-4 hours of their time to help us get the word out in the El Paso and Juarez areas.  We need both Spanish speaking helpers and English Speaking helpers.  

Contact Us

I'm willing to donate 3-4 hours of my time

Juarez Toy Movement

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